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Tips For Designing Your Custom Built Home

There’s no denying that designing and building a custom home is a lot of fun; it’s one reason that the architects and custom home builders at Florida Luxury Home Builders have been doing it for more than 30 years! For those who are new to home designing, and are working with our architects to build their dream home in Cape Coral, we’ve put together this quick list of tips for designing your custom built home.

Start Brainstorming

This should be obvious, but every now and then, we have a client walk through our door who really doesn’t know what they want! Keep a running list of features and rooms that you’d like your new home to have. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, you can even start to sketch out your ideas. You can either use plain paper and pencil, or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can use a digital program, like SketchUp. You can bring these ideas with you when you meet with one of our designers during your free consultation.

Think Of Present Needs And Future Wants

For those new to designing a home, they often only design a home that meets their current needs. They’ll think of their kids, if they have any, and maybe the one car that they own. But life changes, and so too do your requirements for your home. Because you’re having a home custom built, you have the rare opportunity to think ahead and build a home to prepare for any changes. You might include an extra bedroom for any children you might have. You might decide on a three-car garage instead of two. If you feel that your parents or grandparents may need care in the future, you might consider finishing the basement so they have a place to stay with you.

Consider Your Lighting

The fact is, many homes simply don’t get enough natural light in them. Since we live in beautiful, sunny Cape Coral, take advantage of this natural, and free resource, and make sure to include plenty of windows in your home. You’ll fill your living spaces with stunning sunlight, which will reduce your energy bills and improve your mental health at the same time.

Figure Out Your Budget

Whether you’re buying or building, a new home is expensive. So it’s important to develop a budget that can cover all of the features that you want. Fortunately, we offer financing options that can help make your dream home an affordable reality.

Be Flexible

We understand that you want to find custom home builders that will make you a home that perfectly matches your vision, but the reality is that your vision might not be feasible. Lasting and stable architecture requires that certain elements and features be included in your home. In other cases, your budget may not allow for a certain room or addition to be built. Don’t stress out about it. Instead, work with our designers to create a home that meets your needs and wants as much as possible.

If you’re looking for custom home builders in Cape Coral, don’t wait to call Florida Luxury Home Builders. We’re happy to offer a free consultation with one of our designers and architects so you can start to build your dream home. Call now!