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The Most Sought After Features In Custom Built Homes

Designing your own home is an exciting and enjoyable task. But sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed with the options of what you want to see in your new home. Maybe you want a pool in your backyard or a second living room? Or, maybe you want an extra large, jacuzzi-style tub in the bathroom to go along with your new library? If you’re looking for inspiration for what to include in your new home, visit the Florida Luxury Home Builders gallery page, and then read our blog.

A Bigger Kitchen

You never realize how much time you and your family spend in the kitchen until everyone is in there all at once. Suddenly, you’re tripping over one kid while your spouse is trying to microwave a burrito for the other, all while you’re trying to get a shepherd’s pie out of the oven. As custom home builders in Naples, one of the most popular requests we get from clients is a big kitchen. You can have an island countertop installed in the center of the space. It provides extra preparation space, and can even act as a dining space when you’re having a quick meal. A larger kitchen also allows you to expand the number of burners on your range and set up a larger refrigerator. Finally, a larger kitchen allows all of your friends and family to gather in the kitchen without interrupting the work being done there, so everyone can enjoy every minute of the time they spend there.

Elaborate Outdoor Areas

Thanks to the beautiful weather we get year round here in Naples, you can enjoy your backyard whenever you like. A well-decorated and well-landscaped backyard is a hit with homeowners and visitors alike. A popular choice for Florida homeowners is the inclusion of pools and decorative water features. These elements add a relaxing and natural appearance to your backyard. Patio seating with an awning or other covering is a great way to host guests, and a perfect place to enjoy a meal outside. Working with one of our designers to create a beautiful backyard can transform your outdoor areas into your own private oasis.

Extra Rooms

Most homes just have bedrooms, kitchens, and maybe a living room or family room. If you’re having a custom house built, you might consider adding extra rooms. Some popular choices have been theaters and game rooms. These areas are always a hit for families with kids, or even for those who regularly host parties or events at their home. You’ll love being able to make the most of your night in if you can watch your favorite movie in your own movie theater! Others have loved adding sunrooms to their homes. Naples is known for its brilliant sunshiny days, and a sunroom makes a gorgeous place to work on art projects or to host meals. Finally, a finished basement allows you a functional and versatile space that you can use for any number of activities.

A Study Or Library

While a game room makes for a fun addition to any home, a study or library provides you a quiet place to retreat and focus in your home. You might position this room so that it is far away from more lively spaces in the home, like the kitchen or family room. The study allows you to get work done in your home, and also gives you a place to have important and confidential conversations on the phone or in person. It might also just be a nice place to have a few friends gather and share a drink and enjoy quiet conversation.

A Truly Masterful Master Bedroom

As a homeowner, you’ll no doubt spend much of your time in your bedroom. From relaxation and sleeping at night to preparation and getting dressed in the morning, the master bedroom plays a pivotal role in your daily routine. When designing a master bedroom, consider how much space you might like. More space means you can enjoy the luxuries of a larger bed and place decorative and comfortable pieces of furniture in there as well. Some homeowners have had walk-out patios for their master bedrooms added to their homes, allowing them to step outside and enjoy the cool night air or bask in the warm sun in the morning.

If you’re looking for a custom home builder to create your new home in Naples, give the experts at Florida Luxury Home Builders a call. During our free consultation, we’ll work with you to understand your vision of your dream home, and then help you find a location to build it, and finally, we’ll even offer you ways to finance the construction of your custom home. So don’t delay. Call us today and you can move into your dream home sooner than you think!